And now for that exciting news…

The exciting news came yesterday, but I was waiting until they put up the their Facebook page.  After the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon, Destination Races, the sponsor of the race, put up a contest on Pinterest for race participants to put up 5 pictures on their Pinterest page and to register for the contest.  Well I took a bunch of great photos from the race, I even put up more than the 5 they said, since I had so many good photos from the race and I entered the contest.  Yesterday I got an email from Destination Races saying that I won the contest and if you go to the Facebook site that I shared on my site, my picture, which I set as my Facebook photo yesterday, is also featured on their site.


And it is my secret about how I got such a great photo at the Wine Festival.  I will just say, run fast!!!

So, what to I win?  Oh I get to go back to next years race, as I get a free entry to the race.  I was going back either way, but that just makes it a bit more special when you get to go for free.  It is a great race, quite hilly and some on gravel roads between the wineries.  The Wine Festival afterward tops off the race.  Anybody who wants to sign up, let me know and I would be glad to meet you at the race!!

Here is the link to all the pictures I used on my Pinterest account, and those are the about only thing that are on my page, as I rarely use it.”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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